Tips to be successful in the gym

Tips to be successful in the gym

When I first started exercising, I was very sporadic with my gym attendance. I would make the gym 2 times one week, and wouldn’t make it at all the next. We all know that consistency is key with everything, ESPECIALLY in the gym. So I’d love to share a couple of ideas that have helped me remain successful over my time in the gym.


Before we can become successful, we must first set a goal. How else would one be able to define success without a benchmark to compare. Set an achievable and timely goal. Example - I would like to lose 5 lbs in 1 month. Feel free to set longer, bigger goals but break them down into smaller, easier-to-manage goals. As we accomplish certain “Checkpoints” it is easier to acknowledge that we’re on the path to achieving the goal.


Now we have a goal, it is time to plan out how we will accomplish this goal. If our goal is to lose 5 lbs, then what are these broken-down steps. An example might look like

“On Monday, Wednesday and Friday I will do 30 minutes of walking either outside or on a treadmill. On Tuesday and Thursday, I will do 30 minutes of weight lifting. I will eat 4 meals a day each containing around 400 calories. If I’m feeling up to it, on the weekends I will try to do a healthy activity like biking, or tennis.”


Almost every aspect of achieving your goal settles down to consistency. We are all human, we will have a slip up now and then. If you miss a day, don’t beat yourself up, get back into the gym the next day and pick up where you left off.


It is much easier to stick with something if you surround yourself with people with similar goals. Hiring a trainer isn’t for everyone, so if you decide to go the route without a trainer, try to find a workout partner. If you are unable to find a workout partner then find someone on social media that will exercise with you. Having someone to keep you accountable can be a massive asset in the beginning. As your time exercising continues, you will meet plenty of new people in the gym.


One of the most difficult parts of my journey was learning what habits to get rid of. The best question to ask yourself is “Is this bringing me closer, or farther away from my goal?” This is something that can be applied to friends, food, scheduling, or any other part of your day-to-day life. Once you have evaluated these, it is time to replace them with healthier habits that will be cohesive in helping you achieve your goal. Example: If you find yourself having low energy levels in the morning, and not being able to achieve your morning workout, you could potentially trace this being a side effect of staying up late at night and watching tv.


Tell someone about what you’re doing. Tell someone how much you love going to the gym. Speak your goals into existence. You are 10x more likely to continue on the exercising path if you tell people that is what you’re doing.

Success can not be measured overnight. The hardest part of making a change is determining that you DO want to make a change. After that, set your goal.. make a plan.. and keep going.


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